Sample Digital Humanities Student Project Work From Fall 2013

So, I’ve been promising to get this up for a few weeks now. Here are a few of the best projects from my Digital Humanities class in Fall 2013: Masterpieces of British Literature.  I’m really proud of my students; I think they did amazing, thoughtful, and insightful work. They poured their heart and souls into these projects. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have! As always, if you would like to know more about how I design my final projects, including handouts and other informational docs, don’t hesitate to ask! And do let me know if any of these links aren’t working. The Internet can be quite tricky.

  1. Movie of a Shakespearean sonnet:
  2. Storify on Woolf:
  3. Website and skit for the Central London Hatchery (Brave New World):
  4. Analysis of adaptations of Pride and Prejudice via Storify:
  5. Analysis of covers of Pride and Prejudice posted on student blog:
  6. Voyant Word Cloud analysis of Paradise Lost vs. Brave New World:

    A Word Cloud from a student's project

    A Word Cloud from a student’s project

  7. Analysis of letters in Pride and Prejudice (word clouds): and
  8. Video on oppression throughout texts using Paradise Lost:
  9. Storify on Woolf and Modernism:
  10. Prezi showcasing speeches of Satan in Paradise Lost:
  11. Storify on the cultural influence of Austen:
  12. Blog analysis of the portrayal of women through poetry:
  13. Overview of British poets on Prezi:
  14. Online Reader’s Guide to To the Lighthouse / webpage for Woolf:

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