Student Comments

Recent student comments on my teaching:

“Honestly, I really have no recommendations for improvement for this class. I believe the coursework was appropriate. […] I felt that the expectations were clear for all assignments. Moreover, you provided examples of “A-Range” projects for every type of assignment: discussion boards, films, etc. This was extremely helpful for me: having a visual example of the expectations really brings everything together. Also, you provided feedback on everything you graded. Again, helping guide students to success. Lastly, I find your weekly announcements extremely beneficial. These announcements really helped me stay on track with due dates. I apologize that my “feedback” is succinct. I—truly—have no recommendations for this class. It is evident that you take pride in teaching and spend many hours to make the course flow smoothly. As a student, I am extremely appreciative of your dedication to your course and your desire for feedback to make future improvements.” (Summer 2017; online course)

“Thankfully you organized this course so that I could keep myself on track; the calendar you provided was instrumental in keeping me prepared to turn in assignments on time.  I have a full-time job and am also taking 16 hours for school, so the weekly reminders kept me afloat and allowed me to complete my work without being stressed. […] You have gone above and beyond to make this course go smoothly, and I thank you for it.  Your love of film is evident, and your teaching is a reflection of your passion.” (Summer 2017; online course)